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  G-GMP-70427-F Cordless Power Duct Slitter   

G-GMP-89910-F Whisper Micro Fiber Cable Blowing Machine 

The Whisper provides for quick and easy component changes for different cable or duct sizes. Its compact size and portable maneuverability make the Whisper ideally suited for external or in-building use.. 
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  AirStream Cable Blowing Machine  

Accelair 2 Cable Blowing Machine

The C-1800 Fibre Blowing Machine (Accelair 2) has been developed to provide a simple to use and reliable fibre blowing solution. It is designed to fit a fibre range from 1 to 3mm diameter, thereby providing the complete range of blown fibre installation solutions from one machine.
Product Code: C-1800
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  c1900   JetStream Fibre Optic Cable Blowing Machine

The C-1900 has been designed to provide maximum cable protection, combined with the performance and reliability of hydraulic drive. The profiled double drive belt system is driven by single 32cc hydraulic motor.
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