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ADSS (All Dielectric Self Supporting)

In 1987 CBS Products commenced design of an overhead line aerialre cable system to suit the high strength ADSS (All Dielectic Self Supporting) cables. Suitable for steel tower line routes, the networks were ideal for the power companies' existing infrastructure.

The CBS system consisted of pullers, tensioners, running out blocks swivels, pulling Bonds and auxiliary plant. The equipment has proved particularly popular and has been used on numerous projects in the UK, Malaysia, Sarawak, Zimbabwe, Indonesia and Columbia.
RUSSIA 1997 -2000

One of the world's largest networks was erected in Russia, employing CBS designed and manufactured installation equipment. Covering seven time zones from St Petersburg in the west to Vladivostok in the east, the railway infrastructure was employed for the installation of the aerial ADSS fibre cable. Consisting of five rings, the cable was strung in cable lengths from 5Km to 10Km lengths, an estimated total cable length of 22,000km.

Operating at temperatures of –10oC to +30+oC, the equipment has to be lightweight, durable, reliable and easy to use. Although there were many manufacturers vying for this project around the world, it was the CBS winches, tensioners and running out blocks which were selected.
RUSSIA 1997 -2000
RUSSIA 1997 -2000
INDIA 2000 - 2001

Towards the latter part of the year 2000, CBS Products took the decision to introduce it's "Tornado Plus" fibre cable blowing machine into the Indian market. Utilising the skills of a local distributor, NETWARE TECHNOLOGIES, based in Mumbai, a machine was shipped out to conduct pre-arranged site demonstrations with a major customer. With temperatures reaching 40+oC (110oF) together with very difficult site conditions the "Tornado Plus" out-performed even CBS's own expectations.

In the face of stiff opposition from other leading manufacturers, an order was placed for 12 machines to be distributed throughout 12 major cities. Since then we have gone from strength to strength, selling a further 85 units to date into this market, making a current total of 97.
INDIA 2000 - 2001
INDIA 2000 - 2001


Below is a brief overview of just a few of the world-wide projects we have carried out over the last 3 decades. There are many more which we will be pleased to discuss with you, should you require more information.

Year Country Cable Type/Manufacturer Distance
1988 U.K Pirelli Fibrespan HV Tower Installation 100km
1988 U.K BICC HV Tower Installation 40km
1991 Sarawak Pirelli Fibrespan 150kv Dead Line Installation 10km
1993 Zimbabwe Pirelli Fibrespan 330kv Live Line Installation 30km
1993 Russia Pirelli MLT Short Span Railway Track side 750km
1993 Kazakhstan Pirelli MLT Short Span 20kv Pole Installation 35km
1993 Tasmania Pirelli Short Span Pole Installation 30km
1994 Indonesia Pirelli Fibrespan 20km
1994 Columbia Pirelli ADSS Long Span HV Tower Installation 200km
1994 Malaysia Pirelli Fibre Span 200km
1994 Malaysia Fujikura MLT 100km
1995 Malaysia Pirelli Fibrespan 60km
1995 Sarawak NKF MLT HV Tower Installation 1000km
1995 Sarawak Pirelli MLT Short Span Pole Installation 1000km
1996 Malaysia Pirelli Fibrespan 2000km
1996 Sabah Siemens ADSS Long Span HV Tower Installation 2000km
1996 South Africa ATC ADSS Long Span HV Tower Installation Complete  
1996 Malaysia NKF HV Tower Installation 2000km
1996 Malaysia Pirelli HV Tower Installation 2000km
1997 Russia GPT ADSS Short Span 5000km
1997 Russia Siemens ADSS Short Span 4000km
1997 Russia Company Transtelecom ADSS Short Span 4000km
1998 Russia Fibre Optic Technology 1 Set  
1999 India Pirelli Cables (ADSS & OPGW) 2000km
1999 Russia ADSS Railway Trackside St Petersburg-Vladivostok 24000km
2000 India Pirelli Cables ADSS HV Tower Installation 6 km
2001 UK British Telecommunications Cable Blowing Equipment On Going
2001 India Reliance Industries - Cable Blowing Equipment On Going
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