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Blown Fibre Unit                                                                       Printer Friendly Version

accelair logoThe C-1800 Fibre Blowing Machine (Accelair 2) has
been developed to provide a simple to use and reliable fibre blowing solution. The Accelair 2 is designed to fit a fibre range from 1 to 3mm diameter, thereby providing the complete range of blown fibre installation solutions from one machine.

The Accelair 2 is a compact integrated fibre blowing
machine benefiting from full automation and fibre
management; sophisticated fibre protection is implemented to ensure the fibre mechanical and optical integrity is maintained. The machine only requires a single 24V D.C. electrical supply and compressed air to operate.

Product No.: C-1800
Accelair 2 Fibre Blowing Machine c/w Power Cable,
Universal Mains Supply and carry case

Machine custom set for your fibre.

Accelair Blown Fibre Unit with optional Blowing Table
AccelAir 2 Micro Fibre Blowing Machine


Configuration and Accessories

What is fibre blowing?
Fibre blowing is a technique pioneered by British Telecom for blowing small bundles of fibres into small tubes that can be placed around a building. Fibres can be easily blown into the tubes. Since these fibres can at any time be quickly blown out of the tubes if required, upgrading is easy. For example, an unknown multimode fiber is simple to upgrade an OM3 multimode or an OS1 single-mode fibre. This flexibility and opportunity for easy upgrading has made blown fibre installation the method of choice for many buildings. Blown fibre is also attractive for fibre-to-the-home, or FTTH, projects where the tube can be installed and allow easy fibre installation with minimal disruption at a later date.
AccelAir Basic Unit
AccelAir 2

Sturdy, Waterproof Carrying Box Supplied with Unit

Sturdy, Waterproof Carrying Box Supplied with Unit


Fibre Compatibility: Up to 2 mm with buckle protection, up to 3 mm without buckle protection
Blowing Speed
Adjustable :
0-100 metres per minute without buckle detection
0-50 metres per minute with buckle detection
Compatible Tubes: 3 mm to 10 mm
Automation: In buckle mode, the machine is self regulating
Air Supply: 15 Bar max working pressure complete with suitable air conditioning (drying)
Electrical Supply: Universal mains power supply (supplied as standard): 85-265V AC 47/63Hz or 120-370V DC input, 24V DC 2.2A output. Battery pack and vehicle adaptor available upon request.
Control: Remote user interface with backlit screen provides all necessary information; including current distance, speed, torque setting and fibre status.
Machine size: H: 166mm D: 184mm x 120mm. Weight: 3kg
Carry Box: H: 220mm D: 520mm x 430mm. Weight (all in): 12kg



Blown Fibre Beads
These beads are crimped to the fibre to help protect the end and assist in the blowing.

Ordering Details:

Blown Fiber Beads Large (8/12 Fibre)
Qty. 25

Blown Fiber Beads Small (2/4 Fibre)
Qty. 25

Blown Fibre Beads
Blown Fibre Beads


OPTIONS FOR ACCELAIR                                    Printer Friendly Version  
Air Stop End Kit
This device blocks the far end of the tube while allowing air to escape, this in turn enables the Accelair to detect when the fibre has reached the end of its installation

Ordering Details
Air Stop End Kit

Air Stop End Kit

Air Flowmeter
Attached to the end of the tube, this indicates the airflow exiting the installation route giving an indication of tube integrity and complexity. As a general rule if you get 16-18 l/min or more of air exiting the tube the Accelair will install the fibre.

Ordering Details
Air Flowmeter

Air Flowmeter
Air Flowmeter

6A Petrol Blown Fibre Compressor

The 6A Blown Fibre Compressor is designed to deliver clean dry air for installation of optical
fibres using the blown fibre technique. Model 6A blown fibre compressor is a portable,
petrol engine driven rotary vane compressor unit Producing 200 l/min of pulse free, treated
compressed air at a working pressure of 10 bar, it provides the ideal source for field installation of fibre optic cable.

An extremely reliable Honda GX240QX OHV Petrol Engine provides power for the compressor. The unit incorporates a 12Vdc air cooled aftercooler reducing the compressed air temperature to within 2° C of ambient. A 3 stage filtration system provides technically oil free air. A membrane dryer system complete with a balanced by pass. This reduces moisture levels to prevent problems in the blowing operation without drying the air to an extent where static electricity is generated.

The unit is available with an optional 24Vdc outlet socket for supplying the blowing head (other voltages available on request).

c-1206 compressor
AccelAir Blown Fibre Compressor
Specifications:       ORDERING DETAILS

        Product No Description
Length:   900mm   C-1206-141872 Blown Fibre Compressor
10 Bar c/w Air Hose and Electrical Lead 10m
Width:   500mm    
Height:   750mm    
Weight:   85Kg        
Output:   200 l/min        
Pressure:   10 Bar        
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